Micro Manufacturing Association

The strength of Japan’s manufacturing industry is in its on-site capabilities, which are supported by regional small-to-mid size manufacturers. What’s able to maximize these capabilities and surmount the severe competition in the international market is the 0.001 mm–1 mm range. This is known as the “blank engineering range” among the systematized techniques of today’s manufacturing industry. In our manufacturing association, companies with strength in this micro manufacturing range for the field of formed products (material, machining, molding, deformation processing, surface treatments, assembly, joining, 3D printing, inspection, etc.) are at the center of paving the way for new manufacturing frontiers.


The Association’s Hypothesized Micro Manufacturing Range

In this industry, it’s required that the object being worked on is seen and can be moved freely. To put it another way, an object that cannot be seen or cannot be moved freely will be very difficult to work with in manufacturing operations like assembly and normal manufacturing. The micro manufacturing range is squarely in this boundary where the object can be seen (with the naked eye) and moved freely.

>Main Activities

Main Activities

  • Assemblies where information can be exchanged between member companies, major manufacturers, colleges, laboratories, etc.
  • Sponsorship of engineering problem/micro manufacturing engineering contests in coordination with colleges and laboratories
  • Joint exhibition at micro manufacturing expositions
  • Transmission of information on member companies and on companies in facility industry that make contributions to the micro manufacturing industry
  • Creation of plans to support the industry through coordination with public institutions and both domestic and foreign industry associations and more